Jamila Salimpour's Bal Anat inspired what is now three generations of oriental dancers,
and is the recognized origin of the "American Tribal Movement" in all its many variations.
Aida Al Adawi, who is honored to have had the opportunity to study with Jamila Salimpour,
was her teaching assistant
and Protégé for many years in San  Francisco.
Today at the age of 90, Jamila is still creating new cymbal patterns. Suhaila has over 300
on line classes and travels world wide teaching both her own format and her mothers
Aida, Jamila and Suhaila remain close as friends and as a family in dance.
Jamila Salimpour's Bal Anat
Jamila & Suhaila
Aida 1971
Aida with Bal Anat at the Renaissance Faire Calif
Aida performing the finale with Bal Anat in the early 70s
The Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble was inspired by the original Bal Anat, of which
Aida was a member (pictured here, second from the left), performing at the Renaissance
Pleasure Fair in
California during the entire decade of the Seventies.