Workshops at Aida's studio will be offered with a
separate registration and are open to all dancers and teachers
Announcing Aida of San Francisco's new mini workshop series
"One Piece at a Time"
Enjoy the Process    Revisit your Roots   Tweak your Technique   Take Charge of your Bod
My "One Piece at a Time" Series is designed to take one piece of the dance,
music or other aspects and spend time exploring it in detail.
I try to cover too much and give to much information in my workshops.

This will give us a chance to revisit each area in depth
Upcoming Workshop Topics
If you or your group are interested in a special subject
please contact me and we can build it around your schedule

Basic Drum for Beginners                                 1 hr        $10
Intermediate Drumming
& Music                     1 ½ hr    $15
Advanced Drumming
& Music                         1 ½ hr    $15
Fearless Cymbals and Basic Steps                   
 1 hr        $10
Fearless Cymbals and Basic Steps                  
 1 ½ hr    $15
A cymbal pattern for each step                      
 1 hr       $10
Building your Finger Cymbal & Drum Solo   
   1 ½ hr    $15
The Casbah Drum Solo                                 1 ½ hr    $15
Aida's Holiday in Greece Drum solo             
  2 hrs      $20

Costuming for Dancers
Making Pantaloons & Split Pantaloons   3 hr        $30
You will learn how to cut out traditional pantaloons and split pantaloons
which are great for everything from fusion to Cabaret

Making the traditional Circle & a Half skirt   3 hr   $30
The traditional skirt that has been worn is one half circle in the front
and two half circles in the back.
They are on elastic and can be closed or tucked in many wonderful drapes
that make your movement more sensational.
You will learn how to cut out the skirt and go home with your own personal pattern.
I will share with you many different ways to tuck and drape
the skirt and how to layer different shapes over it
to make the wonderful flow that emphasizes the grace of our movements.

Making a stage worthy professional Bra   3 hr   $30
I will take you through the process of making a serious costume bra that will last a lifetime.
Engineering is everything and I am the master.
If you are a AAA or a DD I can show you what is possible to give you
the most flattering lines and worry free support for even the most a acrobatic floor work.
Go to Youtube and watch me do a back bend to the floor with a sword on my head.
NOTHING moves and that is how it must be

Making a Pointed Skirt                                2 hr $20
You can wear a wonderful skirt with 8 points over your pantaloons or regular skirt.
They were a signature costume during my career.
I wore them at the Ren Fest and in the
Arabic and Greek Clubs and Restaurants with coins, beads and crystals.

Making & Creating Head pieces                 2 ½ hr   $25
Suebia has been lead dancer with my Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble
for over 20 years. She will take you through different ways to tie,
fold, thread, tuck and weave a headpiece.
We will also cover how to make a base and create different syles of head pieces.

Making a Ghawazee Coat                               3 hr   $30
Suebia will take you through a simple way to cut out a Ghawazee coat.
Khaliji Dancing & Drumming                            1 ½ hr    $15
Saudi's first came to SF in th 70s. The Al Suhaimi family from Dammam, Saudi Arabia
They taught me how to dance and brought me my first Thobe Nashel.
I will share the steps and my beautiful collection of vintage dresses.

Building Stamina & timing for those Shimmies        1 ½ hr    $15
Come work on my Shimmy building technique from the ground up.See if you can keep up with me
and learn how to use various floor patterns for successful layering of 3/4 & 123 & shimmys

Traveling Shimmys, Vibrations, Undulations & Slides   2 hr   $20  
I will concentrate on more advanced technique for experienced dancers.

The Pivot Shift Step  & Choo Choo family of combinatio  2 hr  $20
This is one of my favorite family of steps. Let me share the many wonderful
combinations we use traveling and layering. For more experienced dancers

The Secret of Successful Spins & Fancy Floor Patterns     1 ½ hr  $15
Afraid to spin? So was I.I will share simple tricks to keep you from getting dizzy.
You will learn how to control your spins without bouncing while keeping your body balanced.
We will use open spins & pivot point spins with a variety of unusual step combinations.

Mystical Magical Taqsim                                                1 ½ hr    $15
We will work on the basics and how to turn them into the seamless movements combining
Maya, Slides, Circles, Reverse Circles, isolated, horizontal, vertical and rotational family of Figure 8's

Acrobatic Floor work Techniques                                 2 hr   $20
I will cover more advanced floor work including Turkish Drop, Macedonian Drop & Flamenco Drop.
Go to Youtube and please watch my floor work. You MUST be able to sit and lay down comfortably

in Turkish Drop position to take this class. Call me to register so we can discuss your goals.

Basic Floor work for balancing &  Shamadan for Zaffa   2 hr   $20
Learn to balance my Shamadan (Candlelabra) for Zaffa-the Wedding Procession.
We will work on a simple floor work routine for balancing Trays, Double Trays and Swords
. I have trays for you to try!!

Tweaking your Technique Belly Dancing Basics for all styles 1½hr $15
We will revisit the basic families of steps and I will break down the finer points of how to get
most out of your technique.  Belly Dancing is a dance with form, grace, beauty and yes
The more you know and understand the more fun it  will be.  Where did the names come
How do you  remember your steps?  The more passion and dedication you have, the farther
you go.
Leila / Leyla / Layla the musical            2 hr        $20
Leila /Layla/Leyla is a must know musical. We will learn Cymbals, Drum, sections,
rhythms, textures and even experience different styles of playing the same piece.
We will  play  and dance and see clips of other  
dancers. Come and experience a full afternoon with this wonderful piece.

Ganal Hawa  from Abdel Halim Hafiz                2 hr        $20
A song with many wonderful sections we will listen, dance to many versions
and I will share the translation.

                     Inta Omri from Om Kalthoum     2 hr    $20
A song with many wonderful sections we will listen, dance to many versions
and I will share the translation.

Walla Zaman from Metqal Qenawi Learn to Sing in Arabic   2 hr  $20
I will take you through this famous Saidi folk song.
My troop sings it and I have taught it to Suhaila's troop as well.
We will sing and you will go home with the words in Arabic
,  English, and Phonetic English