Aida of San Francisco's  Workshop Series "One Piece at a Time"
Enjoy the Process    Revisit your Roots   Tweak your Technique   Take Charge of your Body
My new workshop series "One Piece at a Time" is designed
to take one piece of the dance, music or other aspects
and spend time on exploring it more fully.
I try to cover too much and give to much information in my workshops.
This will give us a chance to revisit each area in depth.
Where: My Home Studio  17 Utica Rd.  Pontiac,  Michigan 48341
I have bottled water available at no charge. Please feel free to bring munchies.
You can keep them in my fridge or zap them in the microwave.
I leave time between the classes for you to munch and look through my wonderful library.
I am offering more than one subject a day for you wonderful ladies who come a long way
so that you don't spend more time on the road then you do studying with me!!
The advantage of coming to my home studio is having all my resources available to draw from.
Register now be emailing me at
Please email me
& Pre Pay to hold your place.   
When class is full I will have a waiting list
To provide an up close and personal approach enrollment is limited to 8
Payment is accepted by check or through        
Paypal at            Paypal please add 3% to total amount
Aida's upcoming Workshops

Aida's Bed and Breakfast Coaching Weekend
I am offering a two day personal coaching session.
By staying at my home you can put the money you would waste on a hotel,
meals and running around into living, eating and breathing the dance.
Here's how it works: Watch me dance on YouTube.
Next,  look at everything that I teach here on my website.
Then make a list of everything that you want to work on.
We will cover as much as we can.
The list is not set in cement. We will go wherever it takes us.
While here, you have full access to my library, song translations, music
and of course my mini museum. It can be during the week or on the weekend.
Arrive Friday after noon and we start and don't stop until late Sunday afternoon.
The cost is $250 per person plus $20 for food.
I have room for up to three dancers. Besides the dance
I can do bra fittings and costuming. If you need a ride to and from
Detroit Metro Airport it would be $25 for the round trip.
I have dancers scheduling so email me at
to reserve the best time of year for your session.
To be updated soon