Professional Belts & Drapes
Hand Made in Brass
& Silver for you by Aida
Would you like your bra to fit like this?
I am the Bra Engineer!!!
Make an appointment with me
Even an AAA can look like this with my expertise
Costume Creations       Tailoring      Alterations       Classes
Music Editing for your show        Vhs to DVD Editing
Have a Cabaret or Folklore costume that doesn't fit?
I can help tailor Bra's, Belts or Skirts to fit your body
giving you the professional look you deserve
Costuming classes available:  
Bra, Belt, Skirts, Pantaloons, Circular Veils, Headpieces

     privates or workshops       call or email me to schedule
I can Edit your favorite Music seamlessly into a show
Bring your Records, Tapes or Cd's
I can take your favorite music and create your personal show

I can make the music keys match
Too fast or slow?  I can change the speed
Too long or short? I can fix that too!!
Transfer your VHS shows to DVD
Edit out what you don't want
Scan all those dance Photos to DVD
Phillip Au our dear friend from Costless  in Berkeley Calif