Aida Al Adawi teaches Arabic music classes in conjunct with her Middle Eastern Dance
Oakland University, & the Arabic Cultural Center in Dearborn Michigan.
Music of Aida Al Adawi
Aida Graduated from California State College
She was a bassoonist as well as a vocalist.

There is no dance without music, and being blessed to work with some of the
greatest Arabic
and Greek musicians inspired her
to study allowing her to play with them in between her shows
Her mentors include:
Mizmar: Bora Ozkok
& Nadim Dlaikan
Oud: Fadil Shahin
& Simon Shaheen
&Riqq: George Debai &Ousamma Naja
    Zagat: Jamila Salimpour

Aida studied Arabic at UC Berkeley.
Her professors include:
George Saliba, Classical Arabic,
Shibley Telhami and Beni Hari - Palestinian,
and Maurice Salib - Egyptian.

She performs Classical, Popular and Folk songs in Arabic
& Seed Rattles
Qarkeb, Zagat, Bender, Riqq, Muzhar,
Tabl Beledy
, Derbecki
Ashabaka       Time Magazine       Lebanon
Dearborn Michigan
Uncle Sam's Village Cafe
Hisham Mishmish,
Aida, Ali Barada
Dearborn Michigan
Uncle Sam's Village Cafe  Aida
Riyadh Sayati, Hisham Mishmish
My Mentor  Simon Shaheen
South America 1984
Aida, Nadim Dlaikan,
& Ali Berry
Playing Mizmar at the
Michigan Renaissance Festival
Private Party for Guest Musicians
at Sami Ghannam's home
Aida, Riyadh Sayati,
Abdullah Abbas, Karim Badar
Playing Riqq
a School Show
Middle Eastern Dance and Music includes instruments, artifacts and dances from all
over the Middle East.
The program is presented in universities, schools, and at the
Dearborn Arabic Festival.
The Families of instruments include:
Semsemi, Gumbra
Rebaba, Kanoon, Oud
Wood Wind
Nay, Arghoul
Mijwiz, Mijwid
, Mizmar